Ward Robinson

Our Practice

Our expertise ranges across a wide variety of projects from Michelin restaurants, to multi-million-pound hotel, office, education and healthcare establishments.

Founded in 1991, Ward Robinson has developed a unique combination of services supporting clients with the design of their physical spaces, the management of the processes and costs, or often both.

We have established a trusted reputation based on our professional delivery of projects and we go to great lengths to understand the needs of our clients and work with them to ensure the completed work exceeds their expectations.

Our Services

Interior Design

When handled with talent and with care, interior design can establish a unique and distinctive tone, reveal crucial insights into personality and create symbiotic relationships between buildings, brands, spaces and people. That’s why we consider it to be of the utmost importance.

Over the years our passion for design has been brought to bear on all manner of projects. In every case the flair and innovative thinking of our team has resulted in a solution which has been relevant, stylish, commercially viable and capable of withstanding the vagaries of fashion.

So from outline concepts to detailed and scheduled tender packages, we hope you will find that our unsurpassed knowledge delivers results which are capable of enhancing any space and fulfilling any brief.

Project Management

In project management, experience is everything. Which is why our proven track record of delivery in the widest possible spectrum of circumstances speaks volumes about our capabilities.

At the heart of those capabilities is an unwavering determination to achieve objectives, exceptional co-ordination and people-management skills, as well as a no-compromise approach to providing outstanding value for money. Together with our time-seasoned ability to manage the multitude of pressures and tensions inherent in any project, it all ensures that we are able to deliver consistently to the highest of standards.

Ultimately, it is, we believe, no idle boast to claim that we possess a demonstrably formidable array of practical resources and hands-on experience, all of which come together effortlessly to enable our team to navigate projects of any scope or size through to a successful conclusion.

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